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Red Hat HCI

Supermicro Open Hyperconverged Solution

                                       Virtualization powered by Red Hat Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Supermicro and Red Hat have partnered to develop a best-in-class solution based on industry-leading BigTwin™ and Ultra SuperServers® powered by Red Hat Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Virtualization (RHHI-V). RHHI-V integrates proven Red Hat Virtualization and Red Hat SoftwareDefined Storage to provide an open-source, centrally-administered, and cost-effective integrated compute and storage in a compact footprint for remote office, data center consolidation and enterprise edge environments. This Supermicro HCI solution leverages the advanced features of our line of SuperServers including resource saving, high availability, high density, and high efficiency, delivering a fully optimized turnkey HCI solution for fast and easy deployment and operation

Solution Features

Business Value

• Central management for compute, network, and storage resources via integration with a webbased virtualization manager, including a comprehensive RESTful application programming interface (API)
• Includes robust data reduction capabilities provided by native deduplication and compression capability
• Support for vGPUs and software-defined networking
• Capable of deployment in less than an hour with high availability and persistent, durable storage
• Built in Ansible Automation delivers extensibility, automation and customization engine for ops
• Hardware accelerated performance options such as Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory, Nvidia® GPU accelerators, and 25GbE networking are available for your demanding workloads
• Provides secure virtualization (sVirt) and Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) technologies to protect the hypervisor against attacks
• Ability to purchase your RHHI-V and other Red Hat subscriptions directly from Supermicro

• Built with the latest server technologies
• Complete integrated HW and SW infrastructure system
• Validated and optimized
• Centralized virtual resource management
• Highly available and scalable resources
• Automated deployment and ops integration means reduced operations costs
• Advanced security and hardening for HCI means reduced unplanned downtime
• Low CAPEX and TCO
• Global Support SLA options
• Purchase your RHHI-V and other Red Hat subscriptions directly from Supermicro
• Supermicro makes it convenient and easy to purchase RHHI-V and other Red Hat subscriptions directly from


Flexible and Easy Deployment Options

Supermicro Ultra SuperServer and BigTwin server platforms provides a range of footprints for compute, storage, and networking to right-size HCI deployments for your operation management requirements, for example:

        • Best performance density per rack unit: The 2U 4-node BigTwin model offers the highest performance density per rack unit and additional power savings owing to shared power and cooling.

         • Storage density with granular scaling of nodes: The 2U Ultra offers flexibility, an attractive HCI entry price, and highest number of drives for more storage per server node.


Supermicro Open HCI Solutions